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Meanwhile, the Spanish Treasury fined former Prime Minister José María Aznar for evading tax payments through a society. The judicial investigation also implicated long-serving former Mayor of Valencia Rita Barberá in the scandal; her arrest or indictment was only prevented due to the fact she had legal immunity as an incumbent senator. Electors were barred from signing for more than one list of candidates. The PP wanted the Socialists to either abstain in Rajoy's investiture vote or join them in a grand coalition, C's put pressure on the PSOE to abstain and avoid a snap election, while Podemos suggested that Sánchez had lost control of his party.

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. Nonetheless, the Senate possessed a few exclusive, yet limited in number functions-such as its role in constitutional amendment-which were not subject to the Congress' override. Ceuta and Melilla elected two seats each. On the other hand, Podemos and other left-wing parties felt betrayed and broke off negotiations with PSOE, viewing the deal as an unholy alliance between the two formerly opposed parties. The Decree was to be published on the following day in the Official State Gazette, with election day taking place on the fifty-fourth day from publication. The PP pressured the PSOE to join a grand coalition, a scenario which the latter rejected.

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. This offer shocked the PSOE-which suddenly found itself at the mercy of Iglesias' party-with prominent PSOE figures describing the proposal as an "insult" and "blackmail". A persistent wave of corruption scandals struck the PP throughout the negotiation process. Corruption scandals concerning the PP caused other parties to reject them and withdraw from negotiations with Rajoy. Additionally, both Houses were to be dissolved and a new election called if an investiture process failed to elect a Prime Minister within a two-month period from the first ballot. Parties not reaching the threshold were not taken into consideration for seat distribution.

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. By early February, a massive illegal financing network had been uncovered connected with PPCV, with dozens of party officials and city councillors indicted or arrested. Kui vanale inimesele antakse laenu krediidit ilma makseta. The Congress of Deputies had greater legislative power than the Senate, having the ability to vote confidence in or withdraw it from a Prime Minister and to override Senate vetoes by an absolute majority of votes. PSOE and C's feared that a new election could harm them and benefit both PP and Podemos. Como nós podemos te ajudar com suas finanças. The election Decree was required to be issued no later than the twenty-fifth day prior to the date of expiry of the Cortes in the event that the Prime Minister did not make use of his prerogative of early dissolution. The Spanish Cortes Generales were envisaged as an imperfect bicameral system. Voting for the Cortes Generales was on the basis of universal suffrage, which comprised all nationals over eighteen and in full enjoyment of their political rights. Additionally, the use of the D'Hondt method might result in an effective threshold over three percent, depending on the district magnitude. Seats were allocated to constituencies, corresponding to the provinces of Spain. Laenu saamiseks ei pea auto vastama mitte mingitele tehnilistele eritingimustele.

Other minor parties, such as the ERC, DL, PNV and EH Bildu, also announced their opposition. In constituencies electing four seats, electors could vote for up to three candidates; in those with two or three seats, for up to two candidates; and for one candidate in single-member districts. Concurrently, parties and federations intending to enter in coalition to take part jointly at an election were required to inform the relevant Electoral Commission within ten days of the election being called. However, the form and content of the agreement met with criticism from parties both on the left and right of the spectrum, including PP and Podemos. This raised the possibility that, for the first time since the Spanish transition to democracy, parliamentary deadlock over the investiture of a Prime Minister would require a new election to be held.

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. The next day, Sánchez also declined to run for the investiture until Rajoy had clarified whether he would make his own attempt at government formation or step back definitely. Counting of votes starts immediately. The PP stated its opposition to the PSOE–C's pact, refusing to cede to C's demands to abstain in the investiture on an agreement they described as "a farce". Below is a list of the main parties and electoral alliances which contested the election:.. The term of each House of the Cortes Generales-the Congress and the Senate-expired four years from the date of their previous election, unless they were dissolved earlier. The tables below show the status of the different parliamentary groups in both chambers at the time of dissolution