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. Väikseima intressiga laen. Those are former NCOs who have accomplished a special training programme through which they are given the opportunity to become officers.

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. during World War II, the highest NCO rank in the German army was Stabsfeldwebel, who served as direct assistant to company-grade officers or in staff function. Its rank insignia are two medium stripes with two narrow stripes between the medium ones. During the occupation, it was replaced with the rank of captain. There is no corresponding rank for officers in Bundeswehr Joint Medical Service. A rank similar to Stabskapitän, , is in use in Finnish military ranks. The rank has no history outside the Bundeswehr and has been created especially for the MilFD officers. Auto ostmiseks laen iga laen on finantskohustus võttes määr. Their duties are, however, specific, similar to that of a Warrant officer in the English-speaking armies. Sometimes regular officers are promoted to a post that is intended for a Stabshauptmann if there is no free post for a Major.The badge of rank is four silver stars. However, while the modern Stabshauptman is a Senior Captain senior to a regular Hauptmann, the historical Stabshauptmann was a Junior captain, ranking below Hauptmann rank. On vähe asju, mis tekitavad rohkem stressi kui muretsemine, kuidas ots otsaga kokku tulla. Siin on näpunäited, kuidas võlgadest vabaneda..

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In the army of Frederick the Great, a regiment's regimentschef, oberst, staff officers, company commanders and those of nearby rank received a far higher rank than the staff captains who led the company. It is one of the rarest ranks in the German military. From this difference later developed the salary difference between a first class "Hauptleute first class" and "Hauptleute second class". There are no plans to create the rank of "Oberstabshauptmann". Kuidas saada maksepuhkust.