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It is as though the writer completely forgot all of them and moved on to something else.If you’ve read The Name of the Wind you have no need to read The Wise Man’s fear, because you’ve already read it. “If you don’t bring me something to wear-” I stood up and shouted, “-I’ll tear this place apart! I’ll ask my father for your stones as a Midwinter gift. You can't just keep building up between two people that honestly have no reason to fall in love with each other and call it a love story. Talk about doing EVERYTHING you possibly could in character creation wrong. If you are a fantasy fan and haven't read this series, please try it, because you will LOVE IT. The story meanders, seemingly without direction. I could have read an entire book about that, for real-Elodin being insane-Kvothe-How Bast is just a mindfuck of a character. And guess what, it stinks!"Nervous laughter from the audience vanished quickly after looking at the reviewer's stern face."One does not mock what is disliked!" the reviewer said. What would seem to be the main storyline is just as incidental as all the rest.

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. The same as you and me, with thoughts, feelings, and desires all of their own, that do NOT typically revolve around some incomprehensible and fantastical yearning to please men. Its main problem was that it simply had too much story, which translated as a complete structural mess. "No man is brave that has never walked a hundred miles. Rothfuss’ university is a place full of wonder and magic; he’s system of the arcane is very well devised. BUT HULK ESPECIALLY LOVE WARRIOR WOMEN OF ADEM! STRONG WOMEN! HULK APPRECIATE STRONG WOMEN!HULK REALLY THINK ROTHFUSS IS EXCELLENT WRITER. This is going to be included into one of my favorite trilogy of all time and Doors of Stone have a huge potential to turn it into the number one best trilogy of all time for me, that title currently belongs to Mistborn trilogy. Yes, the fabled One Wang of Power. He becomes the confidant of one of the most powerful men in the world, and leads an expedition to hunt some rather nasty bandits. The story in the book's "present" is Without spoilers I found that the story of Kvothe wanders along getting almost nowhere.yes I know we established some more of it here, but not a lot and we're about where we were in a lot of ways. Whether that is true or not, his hard work paid off. Then again, we know this is meant to be one long tale split across three days of narration by present-day Kvothe to Chronicler, so it makes sense to think of these books as one big story with somewhat arbitrary cut-off points. Perhaps if Kvothe were here, he could write an appropriate song that would capture it.Brandonp.s. if you read long enough you might begin to feel it in the warmth that floods your heart as you fall in love with a story. Saksa pank.eestis. Unnecessary information gets thrown at you left and right, while completely wasting your time and giving you a cliff hanger from hell. Immediately following the fight with the mercenaries, he goes into the Fae, immediately following that, he goes to the Adem, immediately following that he rescues two young girls from rapists disguised as troupers. if there had been more to kvothes story, he would have played and traversed across the four corners of civilisation, brushing the question away like an unraveling, half-forgotten dream. If the library gets it, I probably will, but I don't plan to buy it.But I live in hope. Monefit laenud: Mobiilne krediidiliin - Krediidikonto ja SMS laen ID kaardiga. Almost every woman in this book is a figurative, if not literal, whore that exists for the sole purpose of pleasuring, comforting, or otherwise confounding Kvothe.. It's really so incoherent, and so rambling that I believe this book should have been marketed more as a collection of short stories than a novel. HULK ALSO LOVE INSIGHTFUL ENGAGEMENT WITH STORYTELLING IN BOOK. The fact that we still don’t know exactly how we got from Kvothe the high-flying warrior-arcanist-singer to Kote the soft-spoken innkeeper creates the tension that makes these novels so powerful. [ spoilers after this ] The first several hundred pages were a boring rehash. Make no mistake, I really enjoyed the first book, but as a followup to a great book, The Wise Man's Fear was insultingly bad. And that legend is built of pieces. I’ll have his dogs mount your dead corpse. Did a lot of camping there, picked up karate and a new language, got laid a lot. I figured Kvothe would have to help the Mayor win her. "So, let me see," she said. You have no other views to give perspective. There are familiar tropes, but they’re taken and made so new and fresh that you have to peer through several layers of silk to see them for what they are. It’s not as if this is the concluding volume of a long multi-volume saga, decades in the making. I have been accused of giving this book a poor rating simply because everyone else loved it. Since its release, the internet hype over the future of the trilogy has been building to monumental pr Patrick Rothfuss' The Wise Man's FearBy Eric AllenOne thing I can say for Patrick Rothfuss is that he has great ideas. Too much has happened now for simple forgiveness on either side. If you like a story without story, then you like a review without review. I arrived an hour and a half early to find the seats claimed long ago. It was a hope of satisfaction.The second part was a quickening of pace, of new places and faces. it was in the heavy words that lay across pages reluctantly turned because the end was coming all too quickly. He's the same character he was at the beginning. But, that’s only one side of the school. A wise man views a moonless night with fear.”Obviously I'm being a little bit presumptuous, but I believe The Kingkiller Chronicles will be the best trilogy I've ever read. But, it felt like Rothfuss was performing a mass juggling act to do it; he resolved almost everything in fifty pages in a weirdly awkward way. IT IS LIKE HULK IS ABLE TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD AND HULK LOVE THAT! HULK ESPECIALLY LOVE KNOWING ABOUT ADEM CULTURE. In some ways, he’s like a taller, more musically gifted version of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan. I'm glad I have a book I'm excited to have on the shelves. This meeting itself added a lot of depth to Kvothe’s chronicle and the trilogy’s overarching story. The thing keeps putting me in mind of Great Expectations with her "come here, come here, come here, get away, get away, get away" relationship with "our young hero" and his "please let me be around even if you need to walk on me" attitude. And I've read a lot of trilogies, and none of them can hold a candle to this masterpiece. Isepankuri intressi arvutused. I'm going to have to be a voice of dissent. Kvothe traveling through the Eld Forest , and then entering into The Fae was my favorite moments of this whole series. Then he spoils it by suggesting that it's only because they don't interest him. The only thing that kept me reading this book was the sense of humor. Amazing exploration on the lore, different cultures from each part of the world and intricate metafictional stories within stories, combined with Rothfuss’s highest rank prose, the book never fails to capture my attention when it doesn’t have Denna in the plot. As a result, I knocked down my rating a whole star. The story in the book's "present" is just as annoying and bogged down.and then we've got the "Denna story line". This is what made my reading enjoyment of this book decreased. Not every book is for everyone, and this one is not for me. Overall it feels as though Rothfuss had several ideas and rather than develop them coherently and try and make it flow like a novel should, he lazily combined them together, and it feels sloppy. If you like it sorry, please enjoy and forgive my rant. Until near the end of the meal, when you don't feel so good; then you It's a page turner. lame plot point after lame plot point in quick sequence, without any breathing room, which makes little sense considering how much of the start of the book is filled with the mundane sequence of "Look for Denna. Have read Name of the Wind and didn’t like it. Monefit laenud: Mobiilne krediidiliin - Krediidikonto ja SMS laen ID kaardiga. It gives a very narrow view of the world as you can only see, experience and feel the world through the eyes of a single character. It was like he came up with a great sounding title, and then completely drew a blank on why the book should be called that, then dropped a couple references in after the fact. A walking dead to our modern society, lost on an island of purgatory.In the white room a simple chair awaited Johnny and there he sat. Kvothe’s and Denna’s stupid romance really put a sour taste to my enjoyment of the book, it was okay in NotW but it only got worse here that I literally face palmed myself at one point. He hasn't learned any lessons. That's as easy as putting a penny in your pocket. The potential of this story came on too fast As much as I love the university, I was very pleased to see the story taken elsewhere. The frequent interruptions back to the present day where Kvothe discusses aspects of his story are annoying and hugely distracting, breaking up whatever little suspense that the writer managed to cultivate. The more you think about it, the better it becomes. One part science, one part historical pseudoscience, one part magical wonder. yes, and I feel that it’s quite a bit better. He occasionally throws out a sentence that’s so perfectly on point, it’s not hard to see why his book-signing events draw such huge crowds:Hespe’s mouth went firm. Indeed, he takes a semester off and goes on a rather large adventure. And I was willing to forgive that, after all, there's still the finale to consider but still, give a girl somethin'!And though I enjoyed the ride, it was lacking in the one thing I appreciate more than anything in books, suspense and dramatic tension. The Name of the Wind- A jaw dropping five stars. He has obvious talent, but lacks any skill to apply it to. An acquaintance conveniently knows of a rich and powerful nobleman in a distant land that is looking for a clever young musician to help him win the heart of the lady he has his eye on. if there had been a third book… but no, of course there was no third book. Then Kvothe explained that he had told them a story that his people would tell each other, not a story meant for a general audience.I wonder if there is a message from Pat in this. It was finally a book I was proud of.I'm glad my editor gave me enough time for this. The One Wang to rule them all.

It was an echo of boredom.The final echo felt like a spiral, winding its way ever downward, digging deeper into the matter of things. If you want to know the truth of who you are, walk until not a person knows your name.

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. They constantly boink other people throughout the book, and seem to have no romantic feelings toward one another at all. I could relate so much to him, especially with his love for music. They might think I degrade women."Well, in defense of anyone thinking that, you do degrade women. But if you step back to look and digest the piece as a whole-not thinking too much about the parts-you are left with a sense of awe.There is a beauty to Pat’s writing that defies description. Such is the personality of his adversary, Ambrose. I can see why it takes the author many years to write his books. I completely fell in love with the theory that he is Cinder. the laptop was hers, just as the third part was hers. Let’s bring this back into focus. These two books have given me a lot of first experiences. ideas would have formed and floated and chased the question across the mind like a wisp of summer breeze. LAENUDE REFINANTSEERIMINE vaheta kallis laen odavama vastu. You took me by surprise and that's why I love you. Crowds generally freak me out, but Pat was worth it. His success with a book that, let's face it, is Earthsea viewed through J.K. The moment she showed up was the moment this series was irrevocably ruined. Often, however, people ask why they should read the book. if you love these books, great I am happy for you. Patrick Rothfuss seemed so promising after his debut novel, but I doubt his will be a lasting name unless his next book makes some major improvements upon the pile of steaming crap he served us with The Wise Man's Fear.

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. The author has crammed far too much story into his thousand pages. HULK LOVE DETAILS OF LIFE AT UNIVERSITY. I can’t wait for her foreshadowed death because I will cheer with joy the day I read her last words. Sinu laen Bondora pikendamine. I cannot stress enough how wonderful this cause is and how you should check it out. However, some of my favorite books are written in first person. I've seen it done to my own books: I loved XXXX of Thorns but it wasn't as good as YYYY of Thorns. There was simple too much, too fast. With words.Readers often get 'confused' between the journey, the destination, and the story. - Almost all the sub-plots of the first third are completely cyclical. In fact a big chunk of it is about Kvothe and friends meandering without direction, hunting bandits in a vast wood. Agree or not, that is my HONEST opinion. but even so, I plain enjoyed reading it, we get our little band group dynamics, we get story telling around the camp fire. it was deep and wide as autumns ending. I just don't care for the genre any more, and it's probably because I am old and have read a lot of them. The attraction is NOT mutual, however, and that is plainly obvious in the way that Denna acts and speaks to Kvothe. AH.Things I like about the book-Denna. Two talented and good looking people are together. Anyone can love a thing because. So much so that Rothfuss should be both highly embarrassed and ashamed of her. This contradiction is brilliantly balanced by Rothfuss, and we see that perhaps they're different sides of the same coin. Just thought you'd like to know. If you can't craft a believable and compelling love story. and each told story is a fun bit of fiction in itself. Rothfuss keeps playing up her mysteriousness to such a degree that I finally just started flipping through and skimming the last few chapters with her in them because she pisses me off too much. HULK LOVE MYSTERIES AND BOOK IS FULL OF GOOD MYSTERIES! HULK LOVE MYSTERY OF CHANDRIAN! HULK ALSO LIKE PORTRAYAL OF MOST WOMEN IN BOOK. This better not turn into another George R.R. in fact, there were none of these things, and so the review remained. And it's been a long time coming. More on that later.I didn’t want this book to end. I knew every piece of information was part of a larger puzzle, and I just tried to grasp every piece I could because I knew it was purposeful. And I admit that Rothfuss has left us some broad hints that Kvothe has a lot of growing up to do. Exercising patience is a painful thing and. Besides being completely unlikeable, neither she nor Kvothe act like they give two damns about each other, and their relationship fails completely because it's been dragged out FAR too long. Pat teased that the third book would be “longish” and published in a hundred years. *shrug* Yeah, I don't get it either